Frequently Asked Questions

Do the attachment points bother you?

Negatory!  We were honestly surprised during testing.  We don't notice the attachment points at all. It's like they are not there. Made with low-profile, flexible velcro, they blend right in.  They are attaching to the pants (and not to you), after all.


Can I use Commandees with pants I already have?

Yes!  Our adaptor kit lets you make any pant usable with Commandees. 


Do you recommend a specific pair of pants that go well with Commandees?

Yes!  We designed Commandees to fit-like-a-glove within prAna's Brion Slim Pant II.  They are amazing, they go great with Commandees, you will love them.  Our pants + undees package comes with a modified prAna pant that already has attachment points installed.  

We hope to pre-install attachment points into other pant styles in the future as well.
If you have a favorite pant that you want to have adapted for Commandees, send us a message!

Can I keep my other undees and pants?

Indeed!  We often have different tools for different applications.  Different types of shoes, different fancy party wigs.  And we can also have different types of underwear and pants.

Why does this not already exist?

We don't know.  But better late than never.


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