How it Works

Underwear is letting us down

Every single time you move your leg or hips, your underwear wants to ride up. 

Thats what happens when you combine an elastic band anchoring just the top part, pants-to-undees friction, and shape-changing movement. Underwear also makes everything hot and clammy.  You aren't supposed to be all "tucked-in" and moist.

Commandees™ patented technology is here to help.

All the benefits of going commando, and none of the downsides.  

The Bottom Anchor

The bottom-end each leg is locked to the inside of your pants by lightweight, flexible velcro strips.  This is a game changer.  Commandees™ are completely immune from riding up or bunching at all, because a fixed bottom-edge means no part of the Commandees™ can move out of place. 

The Top Anchor

The top-end of Commandees™ is locked to the top of your pants by thin, flexible velcro strips.  The combination of the top-anchor and the bottom-anchor creates anti-bunching tension throughout the entire garment. 

The Attachment Direction

Commandees™ attach outward.

The attach to your pants, instead of to you.  That means no tightness, no inward pressure on your body at all, and no opportunity for pants-to-underwear friction.  We completely tossed that annoying elastic band that squeezes you all day (elastic squeeze at the dinner table, anyone?).  

Think of it as your pants wearing the underwear, so you don't have to. 

The Shape

Instead of being shaped to fit tightly around your legs and waist, Commandees™ are designed to match the shape and dimensions of your pants.   They fit your pants like a glove, and basically become a part of your pants.  Think of it like a liner/shield that covers up those nasty seams inside your pants, and that you can take out to wash.

The end result is it feels like you are wearing nothing besides your pants.  In fact, you really aren't.  All you did was add a smooth, thin layer onto the internal surface of your pants.  That means you get all the benefits of going commando.  The breathability, the freshness, the lack of constriction.  The comfort.  The freedom.

The Fly

Commandees™ do not need a zipper, or any other fly-closing component.  Velcro strips on both edges of the fly make them attach to your pants like a chameleon.  So, when your pants get zipped up, the fly on your Commandees™ also closes up.  A slight overlap is included to ensure full coverage when closed.  Later, when your pants unzip and open, your Commandees™ also open.  

You're gonna feel like a smooth criminal on your next trip to the potty. 

The Fabric and Seams

Going commando would be great...if it were not for itchy, seamy, rough pant fabric and the hygiene issues.  Commandees™ are made with super smooth and comfortable fabric, to make that commando-feeling a delight.  Now the pant seams are covered up.  Seams on the Commandees™ themselves are all outward-facing, so you don't feel them at all.

Removable + Washable

You can change your Commandees™ each day, just like underwear.  Your pants stay clean for weeks or longer, and just wash the Commandees. 

(That's the whole point of underwear in the first place.  To let you wash just the bacteria-prone areas).  

Health Benefits

The breathability and lack of constriction are good for you.  Speaking specifically about guy-parts, they are supposed to be 5 degrees cooler than your body temperature (that's the whole reason why they are externally positioned).  This matters for things like making testosterone.  Seriously, look it up.  Or better yet, ask your doctor. 

No Jumping Hurdles

Got flexibility or mobility limitations?  No tripping your way through a narrow underwear elastic band.  Commandees™ let you skip the underwear vs leg struggle, and go straight to putting on your pants.

For Modern Men of Mystery

The top-anchor means Commandees™ are always lined up with the top edge of your pants.  That means no more underwear band showing above your pants.  Let your private garments be your own little internal secret.  You minx!!

U.S. Patent Numbers 11,134,733 and 11,903,434